Vinyl Strapping Samples

Vinyl Strap or Strapping, plastic slats, chair webbing for Pool and Patio Chairs and Chaise Lounges

Vinyl strapping is has many different names depending on where you are from! Chair webbing, plastic slats, vinyl slats are common names for vinyl strapping for patio chairs. Chair Care Patio has been offering vinyl strap replacement for our local customers for years. Our informative instructions will teach you how to install vinyl strap or chair webbing right in your own back yard. Save money and save your perfectly good patio chairs, lawn chairs and chaises. Vinyl strap pool and patio furniture has been a staple of the outdoor furniture world for years. Vinyl strap chaise lounges are commonly found at commercial properties like hotels, condo’s, and apartment complexes. Vinyl strap furniture is durable and long lasting especially in commercial settings. Typically, the vinyl strapping will wear out, become stained and discolored over time due to body oils, suntan lotions and exposure to the UV rays of the sun. Vinyl strap replacement is an easy DIY project for the homeowner as well as property maintenance. We offer complete installation instruction on how to measure, cut and install vinyl strap or sometimes called chair webbing. Our vinyl strap material is top quality, made in the USA of 100% virgin vinyl with no fillers. Our vinyl strap material is approximately 1/8” in thickness. Check out our details instructions on how to measure and install as well as information on fasteners and rivets. Always remember that vinyl strapping is always cut shorter than the length required. The vinyl strap or chair webbing must be heated in boiling water to make it soft and stretchable. When the vinyl strap cools it will be nice and tight on the frame.

Details about Vinyl Strapping and Vinyl Strap Replacement:

  • Available in 2 standard widths – 1.5” wide and 2” wide.
  • Over 40 great colors to compliment your outdoor style of property color scheme.
  • FREE Vinyl Strap Samples by USPS!
  • Precut vinyl strapping for easy installation
  • Vinyl Strap by the Roll for an economic alternative
  • Handy, all inclusive, Vinyl Strap Kits - everything you need in one box

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CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on how to measure for vinyl strap replacement.

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to install new vinyl strapping on your lawn chairs and pool furniture

CLICK HERE to find great information on how to choose the correct vinyl strap rivet for your project

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