Tempotest Outdoor Fabrics

Tempotest outdoor fabrics are made in Italy and have a 6 year warranty against fading. The Tempotest Outdoor fabrics in this section are from the new Bel Mondo Collection.These beautiful outdoor fabrics are stocked here in the USA and offer a unique color palet and pattern design with a european influence. Tempotest outdoor fabrics are suitable for any outdoor application such as replacement cushions and outdoor pillows.

Tempotest Performance Fabrics - Teflon® Extreme by Parà

Branded Parà Tempotest® fabrics benefit from a finishing process developed in partnership with Teflon®. Teflon® Extreme By Parà is a nanometric particle surface treatment that forms a molecular barrier around each fiber, providing double-action protection and a self-cleaning system that repels water and oil-based stains.

During the production process, the fabric is introduced into the Teflon® Extreme finishing bath creating a strong bond with the fiber and forming an invisible barrier. The highly-repellent component contained in the barrier helps water and rain to wash away dirt, eliminating marks and preserving the fabric’s beauty and performance over time.