Video How To Install Slings

We have put together this informative video showing the step by step process for installing a typical fabric chair sling. Because all sling furniture is not created equal, your installation process may differ. This video has been made to give you an overview of the installation process. For more information on chair sling installation download our PDF Sling Chair Installation instructions at the link below.

How To Video Installing a Chair Sling  

Sling Chair Install Steps

  1. This video is intended to present the viewer with a basic sling chair installation from start to finish. Please keep in mind that all installations will vary by chair type and this video should be used as a general guideline for installation.
  2. This installation will require some basic tools so be sure to have these items handy before beginning.
  3. Use a flat head screwdriver to carefully pry off and remove the end caps from the chair frame.
  4. The easiest way to remove the old sling is to slice it down the middle using a utility knife or heavy duty scissors.
  5. Overtime, the slings will harden and stick to the inside of the sling rail. Using both hands, break the sling material free by pushing it back inside the sling rail.
  6. In addition, you may also shove a flat head screwdriver inside of the sling rail to help dislodge the sling fabric.
  7. Spray the slings rails with a watered down dish soap. The soap helps to loosen the old material from the sling rail, making it easier to remove.
  8. Now, grasp the end of the sling material with a pair of pliers and remove it from both chair rails using a sharp, pulling motion.
  9. Using the appropriate tool, begin disassembling the chair frame by completely removing one of the sling rails and all spreader bars. Be sure to save the hardware since you will need it for re-installation.
  10. Leave one of the chair rails attached to the frame and back the bolts out as far as possible without completely removing them.
  11. Insert the supplied sling spline into each side of the new sling. The sling spline will be longer than necessary but do not trim away the excess until later in the installation process.
  12. Slide the replacement sling material into both chairs rails. Use one hand to feed the material through the top of the sling rail while the other pulls the fabric. Be sure to keep the sling tag at the top of the chair as this differentiates the top and bottom of the sling
  13. Pull the sling material downward until it is even with both sling rails.
  14. Once the sling is flush with the bottom of both sling rails, re-insert the bolts into the bottom of the chair frame and tighten. When tightening the bolts be sure to alternate back and forth between the two bolts. Tightening the bottom bolts will keep the bottom of the sling tight and in place for the next step.
  15. Now eliminate any wrinkles left in the bed of the seat by stretching the fabric upward. Position yourself behind the chair and use pliers to stretch the sling upward to the edge of the sling rail so that both fabric and sling rail are even.
  16. At this point, use clamps or have someone hold the sling in place while you tighten the remaining bolts. After tightening the bolts on the chair back, you new sling should be tight.
  17. If you chair was equipped with spreader bars they must be re-inserted. In most situations, the spreader bar will appear too large to fit back in to place.
  18. Try bending the spreader bar over your knee just enough to allow the spreader bar to fit in to place. After bending, insert one end of the spreader bar into the hole in the chair rail and carefully pry it into place. Once in place, hit the center of the bar with a rubber mallet until tight.
  19. If you cannot bend the spreader bar, a spreader tool will be needed to spread the sling rails apart allowing room for the spreader bar. A spreader tool can be rented or purchased through this site.
  20. Cut all excess spline with scissors or pliers and re-install the end caps into the sling rails by lightly tapping them with a rubber mallet.