What is a back or welting fabric for Homecrest Slings, Padded Sling & Replacement Cushions?

Homecrest Standard Replacement Slings use two layers of fabric and a welting or binding edge that connects the two fabrics together. When placing an order for Homecrest Standard Slings (non padded) you will need to choose your main sling fabric and a coordinating welting fabric. The welting fabrics are sling fabrics. Choose from 24 colors that coordinate with our Homecrest Standard Sling fabric collection. You can order samples of both from our website before you order.

Homecrest Padded Replacenent Slings require a solid back sling fabric as well as a welting or binding edge. You will need to select your fabric of choice for the front of your Homecrest Padded sling and then choose a solid back fabric and welting color. The back fabric and welting will be the same mesh sling fabric. Choose from 24 fabric colors to coordinate with your Homecrest Padded Slings.

Homecrest Replacement Cushions use both a solid back mesh sling fabric as well as a main fabric for the front of the cushion. The purpose of the sling or mesh fabric is to give the cushion strength when installed on the frame. Many of the Homecrest replacement cushions have a pocket at the back and at the front that hangs on the metal frame. This pocket is made from a sling fabric to it will support the weight of the body. When choosing fabric for Homecrest Replacement Cushions you'll choose the main fabric for the front of the cushion and a solid mesh fabric for the back of the cushion.

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