BellBloc Liner

Bellbloc Liner


What is BellBloc Cushion and Pillow Liner System?


BellBloc® is a revolutionary cushion liner system that dramatically improves the performance of every seat, back or throw cushion in any application – indoors & outdoors. A ground-breaking cushion liner system, BellBloc protects the foam insert from the elements – that means no moisture, mold or mildew – thus extending the life of the cushion and the fabric without sacrificing breathability, loft, comfort, style or performance. This proven water and bacteria resistant fabric liner keeps cushions dryer, cleaner and loftier, saving time and money. Less wear and less tear mean fewer replacement costs.


BellBloc Liner for Outdoor Cushions and Pillows




The proof is in the performance.


Used underneath any fabric in any application, BellBloc cushion liners improve the performance and longevity of every pillow or cushion in any application. These proven water resistant liners mean ‘freedom of choice’ when it comes to making the fabric selections because your cushion is protected – no more brittle, crunchy fabrics that don’t look great, breath well or deliver extended comfort…looking and feeling luxurious can be yours again with BellBloc.


BellBloc Overview


BellBloc® saves time and money while opening up design possibilities. BellBloc liners mean less care, less maintenance, less replacement and unlimited fabric options. The protective barrier keeps moisture, bacteria and dirt at bay keeping cushions clean and pillows dry in virtually every application, outdoors and in. BellBloc’s water resistant fabric liner keeps cushions dryer, cleaner and loftier. Say goodbye to mold or mildew on fabrics. BellBloc’s exclusive fabric system makes fabrics & the cushions (indoors and out) resistant to moisture, mold & mildew. Why wouldn’t you want a fabric that requires less cleaning and care forever?   Proven in rigorous textile lab and field-testing BellBloc has ‘shined’ some of the harshest weather and environments. Not even three years of constant sun and rain can break BellBloc. And best yet, BellBloc can be used underneath any fabric or in any application, meaning ‘freedom of choice’ when it comes to making the fabric selections because your cushion is protected from the inside. BellBloc means never having to choose between comfort, style, and keeping your cushions clean…


Bellbloc liner system




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