Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture - Forever Glides

Chair Care Patio Furniture Repair carries Forever glides for all your patio furniture repair needs! Cast aluminum outdoor furniture typically uses a glide that is inserted into a threaded hole at the bottom of the leg. Not all cast aluminum furniture uses the same thread size. Therefore, two different rivets sizes are included with each set to accommodate a majority of cast aluminum patio furniture. These are the longest-lasting and most durable glide made for outdoor patio furniture. Forever Glides are self-leveling and automatically "float" to conform to the chairs’ imperfections. They continually conform to the changing surfaces of the outdoor environment, and easily-install into your patio furniture's original glide cup.

These patio furniture repair parts are available in 1" and 1-1/4" sizes. The 1” glide measures 7/8” in diameter and the 1 ¼” glide measures 1 3/16” in diameter. The larger rivet is ¼” in diameter and the smaller rivet is 3/16” in diameter. The Forever Glides uses a reinforced web design with super thick bottoms and sides is made from Delrin®, an extremely hard, slick and long wearing plastic. Protect your patio and deck from the scraping and gouging of unprotected furniture with these Forever glides!

Price is for a package of 4 Forever Glides for Cast Aluminum patio furniture and includes 4 Forever glides disks, 4 mounting cups, 4 seal-adhesive foam disks and 4 each of two different sizes of threaded multi gauge plastic rivets.

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