Add A Pad

Add A Pad - When you don't need a thick bulky cushion. Just enough to make it more comfortable. A little "Cush for your Tush"

Somtimes all you need is a little extra cushion or a small thin style pad for your outdoor patio chairs and chaise lounges. Why buy a big bulky outdoor patio furniture cushion when you a fun and brigh Add A Pad? Our Add a Pad outdoor chair pad collection will spruce up any outdoor furniture.  Choose from an assortment of sizes to fit your outdoor chair or chaise lounge. Options include traditional fabric ties or velcro straps that wrap around the back of the chaise lounge or chair. Great addition to patio sling style furniture or traditional worught iron chairs or chaises. .  The Add A Pad chair and chaise lounge pads are available in a variety of outdoor fabrics.


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