Outdoor Concierge Services

Cush-Living Outdoor Design Concierge Services

Cush Living IN HOME/ON LOCATION Design Consult

The DFW metroplex is huge and growing bigger by the day. Road construction, busy schedules and life in general can make running errands a real chore. Our manufacturing showroom and warehouse is located in the industrial area, just north of the Dallas Design District… if you are coming from a surrounding suburb, driving to and from Dallas could seem a little daunting. #NOWORRIES. You can take advantage of our Design Concierge Service and we will come to you!! 

Schedule your appointment using our online calendar tool(LINK).  Upon scheduling your appointment, you will be asked a series of questions to help us better understand your needs.  You will have the opportunity to upload/email photos of your current space and/or inspiration images so we can better prepare for our initial meeting. 

**appointments must be booked at least 48 hours in advance to allow our designers time to prepare a fabric presentation for your meeting.


Cush Living VIDEO Conference Call Design Consult

Not in the DFW metroplex… #NOWORRIES Thanks to modern technology, there is no reason we can’t have a face to face video chat to discuss your project.  You will get the same attention and service as if we were sitting with you on your patio.  You can schedule a video chat using our online calendar tool(LINK). Depending on your technical preferences, we can use Face Time, Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp or House Party.  Upon scheduling your appointment, you will be asked a series of questions that will help us make the most of our video call.  You will have the opportunity to upload/email photos of your current space and/or inspiration images, so we can cater to your specific needs.  This information is crucial for a video chat since we won’t actually be in your home.  With the information/images you provide, we will be able to prepare fabrics for your initial consult.

**appointments must be booked at least 48 hours in advance to allow our designers time to prepare a fabric presentation for your meeting.


Sounds, great… How Much?

Our design service is $150 per hour, with a 2-hour minimum.  This amount will automatically be put towards your bill and for every $1500, one hour or $150, will be waived from your final bill. 


What do I get for $150 hour?

The same for any other situation, TIME IS MONEY; for both parties involved.  We respect your time and will do our best to ensure we are prepared on our end… and ask that you do the same. Communication is crucial to ensure an optimal result.


The time our designers spend preparing for your initial meeting is on us (unless otherwise discussed & will be determined based on the scale of the project).  This preparation can easily take our designers anywhere from 30 minutes to a full hour based on the information you provide during scheduling.  ***FOR THIS REASON, WE RECOMMEND UPLOADING/SUBMITTING AS MUCH INSPIRATION AS POSSIBLE, SO WE MAXIMIZE OUR INITIAL MEETING.

The billable ‘clock’ starts ticking from the time your Face to Face (video or in person) meeting begins.  Initial concept meetings take a minimum of 1 hour.  An ideal result from your first meeting, would be a final selection of fabrics (with minimal tweaks) & a final determination of use/construction/layout (cushion, pillow, curtain, etc..).  From there, our designers will take your selections and prepare your final renderings for review/approval.  This will take a minimum of 1 hour, depending on the follow up needs.  Again, this hour ($150) will go towards your final bill and be adjusted based on your total.

We understand that you might want to see a couple of options… because who doesn’t love options??? Depending on your initial consult and your fabric selections, we will happily provide up to THREE similar looks, by interchanging fabric options, to ensure you get the look you want. **This only applies to same shape/construction and is limited to 1 color story.  If you are torn between blues OR neutrals and would like us to prepare 2 completely different looks, this could potentially take 1-2 additional hours, which will be discussed & approved prior to any billing.

Once we complete your renderings (7-10 business days), we will email a PDF for your final approval.

If another call or meeting is required, the same hourly rate applies.


Assuming all is good, we will then prepare your final bill for approval.

We can NOT begin production without 100% payment in advance.



  1.      INSPIRATION: If you are unsure of what look you want, we encourage you to visit our site for inspiration.  We offer a range of CURRATED COLLECTIONS(LINK) to help customers see the possibilities.  We LOVE to mix & match both colors and patterns and our fabric combinations range from sophisticated to quirky.  If you still can’t find something you like on our site, you can follow us on Instagram or Pinterest to see some of our previous projects & inspirational ideas. 
  2.      SIZING: Taking measurements can take a lot of time depending on the scale of your project.   We are happy to take measurements for you, however to avoid racking up a bill, we encourage you to take measurements beforehand, so we can quickly check your calculations vs. having us start from scratch.  If you are unsure on how to take measurements, please refer to our sizing guide (LINK) OR be prepared to provide a link to your furniture set so we can cross reference directly with the manufacturer.  Another option (which is the most common), is we will take your old cushions back to our factory so that a skilled seamstress can make an exact pattern to ensure your new cushions are a perfect fit. **your old cushions will NOT be returned unless specifically requested.  If you are local, we will be happy to hand carry them back to our factory following your consult, otherwise any shipping expenses will be owned by the customer.


Why do I have to provide my credit card details for a consult?

Because TIME IS MONEY. You will be charged for 2 hours in advance to secure your appointment.  This helps us filter out serious customers from wishy washy customers.  We value your time as much as we value our time… for that reason, we have to make sure we are focusing our efforts to ensure we are providing optimal service to our paying customers.   

If you are just browsing & getting ideas, we encourage you to use our Custom Design Tool (link) and explore your options free of charge!


What if I don’t like ANY of the options the designer brings to our initial concept meeting?

Our designers work primarily with Sunbrella® solution dyed acrylic fabrics, but depending on your needs, you might also see Perennials®, Inside Out, Al Fresco, Bella Dura or Phifertex.  We encourage you to take a look at the current Sunbrella® fabric options… if you don’t see anything you like, there is a good chance you won’t like the options our designers bring to your consult.  For this reason, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND providing as much information when scheduling your appointment.  If our designers can’t find viable options using Sunbrella® based on your needs, they will start to pull from other lines.   If you have seen an exclusive pattern on another website, be sure to tell us!! We can get almost anything you want/find online from other fabric sources, but if we don’t have it in house, we won’t have it for your initial consult. 

The only way your consult will be successful, is if YOU communicate your vision clearly.  We will bend over backwards to find a solution you will love, but it all starts with you.

If you don’t like any of the options we bring to the initial concept meeting, we will have to schedule a follow up appointment (in person or via video), which is subject to the standard $150 hourly rate.  **note that the time spent preparing for the follow up consult will be included in your final bill. 

***Any time spent on your project above the initial $300 deposit will need to be paid in advance.