Patio Sling Replacement

  • We make replacement slings for most major brands of better quality outdoor patio sling style furntiure.
  • No original part number required. All you need to do is take a few measurements on the chair frame.
  • View our replacement sling fabrics and order free samples before you order.
  • Follow our basic instructions on how to measure for new patio furntiure slings.
  • Follow our basic sling measuring instructions for general procedures on how to install new patio sling replacements

What is included with each new replacement sling order

  • Your new replacement sling will be cut and sews according to the measurements take on the patio sling chair frame.
  • Each patio sling will be hemmed on all 4 sides and will inlcude new sling rod or spline with each piece of fabric.

UPDATE! REFRESH! RENEW Your better quality outdoor sling furniture!


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