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Precut Vinyl Straps

Precut Vinyl Straps for Outdoor Patio & Pool Furniture

Precut vinyl replacement straps makes vinyl strap replacement quick and easy. We precut the vinyl strap to the correct length eliminating a time consuming step in the vinyl strap replacement process. The price for precut strap includes 2 rivets per strap. All you need to do it provide us with the hole-to-hole measurement on the patio chair or chaise lounge frame. We  will cut your vinyl strap to the correct length. Please note WE WILL CUT YOUR STRAP SHORTER THAN THE MEASUREMENT YOU SUPPLY US!!!!!!!! Please supply us with the hole-to-hole measurement only, just like the vinyl strap is wrapped around the frame. Do not take away or add to this measurement. Vinyl strap must be cut shorter so it will be tight enough when heated and stretched onto the frame. DO NOT MEASURE AN OLD STRAP! This is not an accurate measurement. Measure the hole-to-hole measurement on the frame as shown in our instructions. Precut straps are NOT returnable. Our web site provides detailed vinyl strap installation and measuring instructions.

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