Replacement Vinyl & Vinyl Strapping

We have replacement vinyl strap for older style outdoor furniture with vinyl strapping.We are the go-to experts on outdoor furniture vinyl strap repair and outdoor patio furniture parts. If your vinyl strap furniture looks a little worn and faded, then it's time to restrap your pool and patio chairs and chaise lounges. Replacing vinyl strapping is certainly something the home owner or property manager can accomplish. With our great instructions on how to measure cut and install vinyl strapping or sometimes called chair webbing, Chair Care Patio Furniture Repair can teach you how to install new vinyl straps. Today's vinyl strapping product is available in two widths, 1.5" wide and 2" wide. By clicking on the products below, you can order vinyl strapping by the roll or precut for a quicker installation. Always remember that vinyl strap must be cut shorter than the length you really need. To install or the vinyl strap, you must head the product in boiling water to make it softs and stretchable. When the vinyl strap cools, it will be nice and tight on the frame. Take a look at our vinyl strap measuring and installation instructions before you order. You can also order free vinyl strap samples from the website, in the samples  section to make sure the color is perfect before you place your order.