Vinyl Strap Kits

Vinyl strap replacement kit includes a 200 roll of vinyl strap, a rotary punch, utility shears, 200 rivets, a measuring tape and rubber palm gloves. The vinyl strap kit will provide you with all the materials and tools you need in one box. Our vinyl is made in the USA of 100% virgin vinyl and contains no fillers. The vinyl strapping material is almost 1/8 thick. See our instructions on how to measure, cut and install vinyl strapping on your pool and patio chairs. Vinyl Strap Replacement is a great DIY project and the perfect way to replace the worn and broken plastic straps or slats on any kind of outoor patio chair. Make vinyl strapping an Outdoor Furntiure Repair project for this season. You can order FREE vinyl strapping samples from our website before you order you strap replacement kit. 

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