Vinyl Strap Mini Kits

Vinyl Strap Mini Kits for Outdoor Patio Furniture Repair

Our vinyl strap replacement mini kits are the perfect amount of strap for small jobs. If you only need to replace a couple of straps on your vinyl strap style patio chair or chaise lounge, purchase a vinyl strap mini kit. Each vinyl strap mini kit comes with 96" of vinyl strap and 8 universal vinyl strap rivets. The rivets can be used for either a single wrap vinyl strap installation or a double wrap vinyl strap installation. Detailed installation instructions are included with each vinyl strap mini kit. Save money and repair your better quality vinyl strap outdoor patio furniture. For bigger vinyl strap installation projects, see our vinyl strap by the roll section of the website. As always, you can find detailed instruction for vinyl strap installation and how to choose a vinyl strap rivet in our "How To Section".

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