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Outdoor Fabric FAQ

What kind of fabric can be used for replacement slings?

Replacement sling fabric must support your weight when you sit on your patio sling chair or chaise. Only certain types of fabric can be used when making patio furniture slings. Manufacturers such as Twitchell and Phifer have created a beautiful line of durable outdoor fabrics specifically for patio furniture slings. Using fabric such as Sunbrella outdoor furniture fabric is not advisable since this type of fabric does not have the strength to support your body weight when stretched across the frame of the patio chair or chaise lounge.

What kind of fabric can be used for Homecrest style slings and padded slings?

Homecrest standard slings can only use sling style open weave mesh fabrics. These outdoor fabrics are strong enough to handle the weight of the body. Homecrest style standard slings are constructed of 2 layers of mesh style fabric that are sewn together with a binding or welting around the outer edge Homecrest style padded slings can use both sling style fabrics and sunbrella or cushion style fabric for the top layer.

Homecrest style padded slings use a mesh style fabric for the base or back fabric. See the "How We Make Homecrest Style Slings" and padded slings section of our website for more details.

What is the difference between Group 1, 2 and 3 fabric for custom outdoor patio cushions?

We tried to make ordering custom outdoor cushions clear and easy. Instead of grouping the fabrics by grade, we have grouped them by type. Group 1 fabrics are all open weave mesh style fabrics, commonly used for replacement slings. We have selected the mesh style fabrics that sew up beautifully as an outdoor cushion. Group 2 fabrics are Sunbrella solution dyed acrylic as well outdoor fabrics from manufacturers such as Waverly, Richloom. PK Lifstyles and more. We have selected high quality outdoor fabrics that give you a wide choice that reflects your personal sense of style. Group 3 fabrics are a collection of exclusive designer designs from Robert Allen, Duralee and the Sunbrella Highpoint collection.

Can I use a Sunbrella outdoor fabric for replacement slings?

Sunbrella outdoor furniture fabric should not be used for patio furniture replacement slings. It does not have the strength to hold the body weight when stretched across the frame of a sling style chair. Sunbrella outdoor fabrics are best used for outdoor patio furniture cushions and outdoor drapery applications.

Can I order outdoor fabric by the yard?

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person and would like to order outdoor fabric by the yard section, you can buy any of the replacement sling fabrics or outdoor patio cushion fabrics we offer on our website under in the outdoor fabric by the yard section. If you are looking for a wider selection of outdoor fabrics for a special project, please see our other website Outdoorfabricstore.com. You will find hundreds of designer outdoor fabrics for outdoor patio cushions and more.

Can I make my own replacement patio furniture slings?

You are welcome to make your own replacement slings. Order fabric by the yard from our website as well as new plastic sling rod or spline. You will need a heavy duty sewing machine and outdoor thread to make your replacement slings. Our outdoor fabric store is the expert at making replacement slings. Each year we make thousands and thousands of patio chair slings for customers across North America. We have the equipment and knowledge to insure your replacement sling will fit perfectly.

Can I use a PVC mesh sling fabric for outdoor patio furniture cushions?

Absolutely! Many PVC Mesh sling style fabrics will make a beautiful and durable outdoor cushion. However, some of the big thick cane wicker and waffle wicker style sling fabrics will not work so well as a cushion. They are too thick. If you need some assistance in choosing a sling style fabric you are welcome to call us for suggestions or you can order FREE fabric samples to determine if the outdoor sling fabric will be suitable for patio cushions.

Can I buy the plastic rod for replacement slings?

If you are making your own replacement slings, you can purchase replacement plastic rod or sling spline in the parts section of the website. Sling rod or sling spline comes in 3 sizes and could be ordered by the foot. If you are ordering new replacement patio slings made by us, you will receive new spline with your sling order. Sling rod or Sling spline is included in the price of the replacement patio sling.

How wide is the outdoor fabric for patio furniture cushions and patio chair slings?

All outdoor fabric offered by our outdoor fabric store is 54" wide. A full bolt of outdoor fabric is typically 54" wide and approximately 50 yards in length. Outdoor Fabric By The Yard Measurements .

Outdoor Fabric By The Yard Measurements

Can I send you my own fabric (COM Fabric) for outdoor patio furniture cushions?

Yes, you are welcome to send us your outdoor fabric for custom patio furniture cushions. If you have found the perfect outdoor fabric for your outdoor patio cushion project and would like our outdoor fabric store to use your fabric, please complete the *_COM Fabric form_* (Customers Own Fabric) and include this form when you ship your outdoor fabric to us.

Please contact us prior to shipping your fabric so we can determine how many yards of outdoor fabric is required for your patio cushion project.

Can you match my old fabric on my outdoor cushion or sling?

Most outdoor fabrics offered by the patio furniture manufacturers is exclusive to their product. Our outdoor fabric store cannot usually match fabrics offered by patio furniture manufacturers unless it's a standard Sunbrella solid or stripe. We offer our own selection of patio sling and cushion fabrics. Please see our fabric selection to determine if we have a fabric that will match your existing outdoor furniture. You are welcome to order FREE FABRIC SAMPLES before ordering your replacement patio sling or outdoor patio cushions made by us.

Do you sell outdoor cushion foam or outdoor thread?

We don't sell outdoor cushion foam, outdoor polyfill or outdoor thread on this website. You can find a large variety of outdoor cushion foam and more do-it-yourself products on our other website Outdoorfabricstore.com.


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