Forever Glides

Forever Glides for Wrought Iron and Cast Aluminum patio chair feet or sliders

Chair Care Patio is the go-to expert on outdoor furniture repair and patio furniture parts, including Forever glides. Forever glides are our longest lasting and most durable glide for outdoor furniture. Forever Glides are self-leveling and automatically "float" and conform to the chairs’ imperfections. Forever Glides continually conform to the changing surfaces of the outdoor environment. Protect your patio and deck from the scraping and gouging of unprotected furniture with Forever glides.

Chair Care Patio is your online source for patio furniture replacement parts. Our extensive collection of generic patio furniture repair parts are designed to fit a variety of outdoor patio furniture brands. All patio chair parts are generic and not specific to any manufacturer. Our patio furniture repair parts and supplies are separated by category. You will find patio furniture repair parts for patio sling furniture as well as wrought iron, aluminum outdoor patio furniture. Our outdoor patio furniture parts categories include, patio chair end caps, patio chair feet or glides, patio chair replacement feet, replacement parts for swivel rocker chairs, and more. Our patio furniture parts and supplies section has chaise lounge repair parts aa well as end caps for sling chairs. If you have wrought iron patio furniture, we have chair feet, glides or inserts for classic wrought iron patio chairs and chaises. Each patio furniture part has a detailed dimensioned diagram showing exact measurement. Maintain your quality outdoor patio furniture with simple and inexpensive patio furniture replacement parts and supplies.

Forever glides for patio furniture


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