FAQ Homecrest Slings & Cushions

How To Order Replacement Slings and Cushions for Homecrest Furniture

Homecrest outdoor furniture has been a mainstay of the patio furniture industry for over 50 years. Homecrest patio furniture is made in the USA and is known for its well-made frames that are probably the most comfortable patio chairs you will ever sit in. Their swivel rockers are the best! Over the years, Homecrest manufactured over 50 different collections. Within each collection you could order the option of a standard non padded sling, a padded sling or a cushion. Many of the Homecrest furniture collections use the same replacement sling or cushion part number. The sling or cushion size is the same but the arm style or frame detail changed. Therefore, there are several universal part numbers that fit a majority of the Homecrest chairs and chaises. There are some exceptions. Regardless, Homecrest must be ordered by replacement sling or cushion part numbers. NOT by measurement. Determining the correct Homecrest replacement sling to order might seem a little overwhelming. Not to worry, we are here to help. There are a couple of ways to determine what to order. 



#1 - Determine if you have a standard sling, padded sling or cushion.

Homecrest standard slings are made of two layers of fabric and the frame is on the inside, kind of like a pillow case. Estate Back Slings have a curve at the top instead of being straight across the top. Estate back slings also come in both a standard and padded version. Homecrest padded slings have a quilted, pillow like padded on the top. The padded sling cannot be removed from the frame without complete disassembly unlike Homecrest cushions which have a pocket on the back and are easily removed from the frame.

#2 - Original Part Number

If you have your original receipt (and a lot of people do) you might find some original part numbers for the furniture which will be very helpful. Or maybe the receipt shows the name of the collection, like Palm Bay, Holly Hill, Pearl Creek or Kensington to name a few. If you have this little bit of information, it makes it easier to identify the model.



In the Homecrest Replacement sling and cushion section of this website, you will find a helpful pdf called the Homecrest Identification guide (PDF). This is an original document from the Homecrest Company. Take some time and browse through the pages to see if you can find an image or similar part number for your furniture. The document shows line drawings which are a pretty accurate representation of what the furniture looks like. If you can locate your chair or chaise style, look in the column below to find the original furniture part number and the replacement cushion or sling part number.



#4 - Please take a minute to measure your Homecrest sling or cushion.

Even though Homecrest replacement slings are not ordered by dimension, it's good to have a general idea of how big your sling or cushion is so you can compare it to the measurements shown in the Homecrest Identification Guide (PDF). Measurements may not be exact. Don't worry! Old Homecrest patio furniture slings and cushions are kind of hard to measure as the fabric tends to stretch and take on a size of its own after years of use and the weight of the body sitting on the cushion or sling. Just take a quick measurement to see where to start. Homecrest offers many of its collections in a standard back or high back version. A quick measurement will point you in the right direction.



#5 - Still not having any luck figuring out which Homecrest part number to order?

Totally bewildered? Not a problem. Determining the correct part number to order for new Homecrest replacement slings and cushions can be tricky. Just give us a call at 1-866-638-6416 and tell us you need help determining which Homecrest collection you have. We can help. Our staff can help you identify what to order and assist you with fabric selection. After the initial phone conversation, we usually ask that you send us some pictures of your furniture by email. So before you call, take a few pictures of your chairs and chaises. Give us a front view and a side view so we can see the arm style. Also, take some basic dimensions of the cushion or sling. Let us help you determine the Homecrest replacement sling part number to order. You are also welcome to email direct with all the information and pictures you have. Contact us. We'll take a look and let you know or may contact you with additional questions.




How To Order Replacement Slings & Cushions for Homecrest™ Style furniture!

We have been manufacturing high quality replacement slings, padded slings and cushions for Homecrest™ style furniture for the past few years. We have the equipment and expertise required to manufacture replacement slings, padded slings and cushions for your Homecrest style furniture in our Dallas, Texas facility. We specialize in producing replacement slings and cushions for older models of Homecrest™ Outdoor Furniture. Due to the unique design of Homecrest™ style slings, no measurements will be required. You must order your Homecrest style replacement slings by part number. Our knowledgeable staff can help you identify your older Homecrest™ Outdoor furniture so you can order the correct replacement sling or padded sling part number. Give your Homecrest™ Outdoor Furniture a fresh new look. You can even order fabric swatches prior to ordering.



Do I have a choice of Fabrics?

Give your tired old Homecrest furniture a new and exciting look. Our outdoor furniture repair shop has a huge selection of fabrics for you patio furniture restoration project. Y

Homecrest Replacement Standard slings,

  • Choose your sling fabric. The sling fabric will be the same on front and back.
  • Then choose your welting fabric. This is the binding or trim piece that goes around the entire sling and holds both pieces of fabric together and give the sling a finished look.

Homecrest Replacement Padded Slings and Homecrest Replacement Cushions.

  • Choose your front fabric 
  • Choose your coordinating back/welt fabric

The best part is the FREE fabric swatches we offer prior to orders. Don't play a guessing game with the colors on your computer monitor. Be sure of what your fabric choice before you order. The service is free. We try to send out fabric swatches within a day or so of when you place the order through our website. Click on the fabric selection for the type of sling or cushion product you want to order and you will be able to order fabric swatches directly from our website. Click Here to Order FREE Samples for your Homecrest Replacement Slings and Cushions



How Homecrest™ Style Replacement Slings are constructed.

Replacement slings and Homecrest™ style Outdoor furniture have a unique construction. All standard slings are made with two layers of fabric that are sewn together with welting or edging material that is sewn around the outside two pieces of fabric. This welting not only reinforces the replacement sling but gives it a beautiful finished look. Do not order single layer slings for your Homecrest furniture. They will not work. Homecrest slings are kind of like a pillow case. The metal frame of the chair is installed inside of the two layers of fabric unlike single layer slings that are mounted into a rail.

When it's time to order your new padded sling and cushions for your older model Homecrest™ furniture, you will need to choose your front fabric, your back solid fabric and your welting color. There are 21 solid back and welting colors to choose from to create a custom look for your new Homecrest style replacement slings and cushions. Samples of all the fabrics can be ordered prior to purchasing.



Standard Non Padded Replacement Slings for Homecrest

Standard non-padded slings use the same fabric on the front and back of the sling. Your only additional choice will be the welting color for the outer edge of the fabric. The welting is just a trim or binding piece that holds the two layers of fabric together to give the replacement sling a finished look. This style of sling only uses sling style mesh fabrics. You cannot use a cushion fabric for standard slings as they can not support the weight of a body. Sling style mesh fabric on the other hand has the strength to hold the body weight when installed on the chair frame. Order free fabric samples before you order.



Homecrest Padded Slings

Homecrest padded slings use a pretty cushion or sling style fabric on the front and a solid mesh fabric on the back. The mesh fabric on the back is required to help give the padded sling the strength to hold the body weight when installed on the frame. There are twelve back solid/welting colors that will easily coordinate with your front fabric choice and frame color. The welting color and the back solid color will be the same. You cannot order a separate welting color. Order free fabric samples before you order. 

Homecrest Style Padded Slings

How Homecrest™ Style Padded Slings are constructed?

Homecrest™ style padded slings use multiple layers of fabric to create a unique and very comfortable product. Padded slings use two distinct layers of fabric with outdoor poly fill material sewn in between to create the padded effect. The top layer of a padded sling is your main fabric choice. The top layer (or as some might refer to as the "pretty layer") can use a vinyl mesh or sling type fabric, but can also use Sunbrella canvas type fabric as well as any designer outdoor fabric available on the market. The solid color back layer of the sling uses a solid mesh fabric which gives the padded sling strength and durability. The top layer, outdoor poly fill and bottom vinyl mesh layer are then sewn together to create your new Homecrest™ Style padded sling.



Homecrest Replacement Cushions

Homecrest replacement cushions are removable from the frame unlike padded slings. Homecrest replacement cushions usually have a pocket on the back and possibly the front that slips off the frame to keep the cushion in place. This does not apply to all Homecrest models but a majority of them. Just like padded slings, you can choose a pretty decorative fabric for the cushion. You must use a mesh style solid fabric for the back as it is required to help give replacement cushions the strength to hold the body weight when installed on the frame. There are twelve back solid/welting colors that will easily coordinate with your front fabric choice and frame color.



Homecrest Style Padded Slings

The welting color and the back solid color will be the same. You cannot order a separate welting color. Order free fabric samples before you order. There are 3 levels of pricing for Homecrest replacement. You can choose the perfect fabric that compliments your patio. Group 1 Homecrest padded sling fabrics are moistly sling style mesh fabrics as well as Sunbrella solids and stripes. Group 2 fabrics are the mid-range Sunbrella fabrics such as the Sunbrella Dupione and Linens. Group 3 includes Jacquard weaves from Sunbrella, Outdura and Bella-Dura. All fabrics are suitable for outdoor use. Please order FREE fabric samples prior to ordering your replacement padded slings.



How are Homecrest™ Style Replacement Cushions are constructed?

Homecrest™ style cushions are constructed using your favorite top fabric selection, several layers of outdoor polyfill or foam and the back solid mesh layer. Homecrest™ style replacement cushions can be made of just about any type of outdoor fabric such as a vinyl mesh fabric commonly used for slings, a Sunbrella® outdoor fabric which has the look and feel of an interior fabric but is very very durable for outdoor use. You can also use any type of designer outdoor fabric for the top layer of your Homecrest™ style replacement cushion. Many of the Homecrest™ style replacement cushions have a pocket on the back and bottom that holds the cushion to the chair frame. We also include this pocket on the back, just like the original cushion. If your original cushion has ties or button or a special treatment, we also replicate those details on the cushions we make. With our extensive fabric selection, you can create a custom look with you front back and welt fabric combination.



Do we have any of the Homecrest™ Fabrics offered in the past?

No, sorry, but we have a brand new selection of high quality outdoor fabrics to make replacement slings and cushions for your Homecrest furniture. None of the original fabrics are available. Give your Homecrest outdoor furniture a fresh new look. Please see our extensive fabric selection. You are welcome to order FREE fabric samples before you order.


How to Install Homecrest Replacement Slings & Padded Slings

We provide detailed installation instructions in both pdf and video format to assist you with the installation of your new Homecrest Replacement sling or padded sling. No installation instructions required for cushions of course!



How To Install Homecrest Slings

Do I receive the special installation tool with my Homecrest order? Yes. Homecrest replacement slings and padded slings require a special Sheppard's hook tool to install the spreader bar back onto the threaded studs at the back of the frame. Without this tool, you will not be able to reinstall your new sling onto the frame. The Sheppard's hook tool is included with your Homecrest order, at no additional charge. You do not need to order this tool separately when ordering your new Homecrest slings.



Homecrest™ Patio Furniture Replacement parts

We offer a good selection of normal wear Homecrest™ style replacement end caps and glides for Homecrest™ brand furniture. Every glide and end cap we have available can be ordered from our web site. We do not have any stock that we don't list on our site. End caps that are inserted into the frame are only available in clear and are no longer available as a solid color.



Too Many Samples!

We love offering free fabric swatches to our customers.
However, they are expensive to make so we have a maximum limit of 8 samples per order.
Please remove samples from the cart to make sure you get the fabrics you want.
We will only process the first 8 fabric samples regardless.