HOMECREST Replacement Slings & Cushions

Homecrest Outdoor Furniture Replacement Cushions, Slings and Padded Slings

What is Homecrest? Homecrest is some of the best made and most comfortable outdoor furniture ever produced. Homecrest Patio Furniture is made in the USA and has taken on a classic status. If you have a set of Homecrest Outdoor Furniture it is best if you update it and keep it looking great. We specialize in manufacturing Homecrest replacement cushion, Homecrest replacement slings and Homecrest padded slings for a selection of the most popular Homecrest models over the years. Our website also includes basic Homecrest replacement sling installation instructions for standard and padded replacement slings. View our step-by-step installation instructions which walks you through the installation of Homecrest replacement slings. Please see our resource materials below to help you identify your Homecrest patio furniture slings and necessary parts.  For more detailed information on how to order new slings and cushions for your Homecrest outdoor furniture please view our HOW TO section for helpful information. We do not stock custom-made Homecrest cushions or slings. Each Homecrest replacement cushion or sling is custom made to your specifications by our sewing specialists at our Dallas, Texas facility. We have NO AFFILIATION with the Homecrest factory. We are an independent company making cushions and slings to fit Homecrest furniture.

Homecrest Replacement Slings and Cushions Model Identification Guide  


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