FAQ - Patio Furniture Repair Parts

What is an I.D?

The inner diameter or I.D. of the patio furniture part is the inside dimension of the patio furniture chair leg or arm. The inner diameter is the measurement from the inside wall of the patio chair leg to the opposite inside wall. The inner diameter can be easily measured with a tape measure.



What is an O.D?

The outer diameter or O.D. is the measurement from the outside wall of the chair leg/arm to the opposite. This dimension can be taken with a tape measure.



What is a multi-gauge insert?

A multi-gauge insert has flanges on it that allow for the patio furniture part to be fitted into various sized holes. The flanges on the part will flex and bend as the glide is inserted into the patio furniture chair leg or tube.



What is the total overall length of the rivets?

The total overall length of the solid shank rivet (30-512) is 0.60 inches, the short shank rivet (30-516) is 0.70 inches, the long shank river (30-515) is 0.80 inches in length



Which glides work best for wrought iron furniture?

The 30-613 (1 ¼" diameter) and 30-614 (1 ½" diameter) are the most common glides for wrought iron furniture. These glides typically fit into a steel weld cup (such as the 30-408) at the bottom of a chair or table leg. A more durable alternative would be the 1 ¼" or 1 ½ Forever Glides for wrought iron, which can be found on our store page HERE.



What is the depth of 30-613 and 30-614?

Both the 30-613 and 30-614 have a depth of ½". These glides also have small ribs around the outside to keep them firmly in place inside of the steel weld cup.



What is the difference between a disk cap and a glide?

A disk cap typically sits around the outside of a patio furniture chair, patio furniture table or chaise lounge leg. Disk caps are usually very shallow, no more than ¼" deep. Disk caps were commonly used on very old wrought iron furniture that had a flat circular steel disk or washer, about the size of a silver half dollar, welded to the bottom of the leg. The disk cap would fit on to the OUTSIDE of the flat circular washer or disk. On the other hand, glides typically fit into the inside of the leg and have more depth or thickness.



What is the height of the disk caps?

The disk caps that we offer are approximately ¼" high. They are very shallow so they can snugly fit around the flat circular disks commonly welded to the bottom of very old wrought iron patio furniture.



What is a "coved" stem bumper?

Coved stem bumpers (for normal furniture see Part Number 30-728 or for Homecrest style furniture see HC-002049) have a rounded area cut out of the part which allows the stem bumper to sit along a round swivel base.



What is an end cap and where is it typically used?

An end cap is typically an ornamental piece that is used to cover the extrusion end or open end of a chair frame to give the chair a finished look. End caps are commonly used for sling style furniture. Each manufacturer uses a slightly different sling rail extrusion. Please check carefully before ordering to determine the correct end cap required. In addition, end caps should NOT be used as glides. They are not strong enough or thick enough to endure the wear and abrasion. You can view our selection of end caps HERE.



The metal cups or feet on my wrought iron chairs have rusted away. What should I do?

If your wrought iron furniture chair legs have rusted and deteriorated over time, replacement metal cups or steel weld cups for wrought iron furniture can be purchased from us. See our parts page for the 30-408 HERE. The companion plastic glide that works with this metal cup is the 30-614, which is also available on our store HERE. The new steel weld cups for your wrought iron furniture can be welded to your chair legs. The remnants of your old weld cup must first be removed with a disc grinder or similar tool.



Do the 4 position (30-904) and 6 position (30-908) adjustment brackets have predrilled holes?

Yes, both the four position and six position adjustment brackets have three pre-drilled holes. It is often necessary to drill new holes into your chair frame to accommodate the positioning of the holes on the new brackets. The specs are as follows:

The 30-904 is approx. 9 ½" long. The end holes are spaced 4 ½" and 4 ¼" from the center hole.
The 30-908 is approx. 10 ½" long. The end holes are spaced 3 ½" and 5 ¼" from the center hole.

Replacement screws ARE supplied with these parts for free. 



What is the hole-to-hole dimension of the glider bearing arms?

The 30-905 has a 7 ½" hole-to-hole dimension.
The 30-906 has a 8 ½" hold to hole dimension.
Both of these part numbers have a ¼" bolthole. Replacement bolts are NOT supplied with this part. You can buy replacement bolts at your local hardware store.



I need a longer glider bearing arm than you offer.

Unfortunately, we do not carry longer glider arms. The only way to extend the glider arms would be to sever two of them and weld them together at the body to make one longer arm



Your fiberglass spring plates do not come with pre-drilled holes. What should I do?

If you still have your old spring plates, use them as a template to mark your new holes. Otherwise, use the holes on your swivel assembly for reference. Use a 3/8" drill bit to drill the new holes. The fiberglass spring plates on our web site are black in color. They can easily be spray painted to match the color of your patio furniture.



I am looking for more patio furniture repair parts than you show on your website.

We strive to make as many patio furniture repair parts as possible available to our customers. Unfortunately, many newer styles of outdoor patio furniture are manufactured overseas and as a result, patio furniture replacement parts are not made available. We only carry the most common outdoor patio furniture parts for the most common styles/brands of outdoor furniture. If you do not find the outdoor furniture parts you need on our web site, we recommend checking with the original manufacturer of your patio furniture. There are so many outdoor furniture parts available, it would be impossible to stock all every outdoor furniture part for every manufacturer.



Can I send you one of my old patio furniture parts so you can tell me what I need?

No, please. We are a small company and do not have the staff available to handle custom outdoor furniture parts requests and patio furniture part identification. Our website offers a detailed description of the patio furniture repair parts we carry and should give you the information you need to identify your patio furniture replacement part, glide, end cap or common wear part. Unfortunately, we do not offer every patio furniture replacement part available. Many of the patio furniture manufacturers have parts that are made specifically for their line of patio furniture. Our patio furniture, replacement part collection is generic in nature. Our outdoor furniture replacement parts can be used on any number of patio furniture collections. If you need a specific patio furniture replacement part, please contact your local outdoor patio furniture dealer.


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