All About Replacement Slings

All About Replacement Slings For Better Quality Outdoor Patio Furniture


WHY Chair Care Patio makes the best patio furniture replacement slings.

Better quality outdoor patio sling furniture should be repaired refreshed and updated rather than tossed to the curb and into the land fill. If your patio furniture frame is in perfectly good shape but the fabric mesh is worn and torn, then why not consider making and installing a new replacement sling? Chair Care Patio can teach you how to measure the frame of the chair and install a new fabric replacement sling on your outdoor patio chairs and chaises. Our huge outdoor mesh fabric selection gives you the opportunity to not only repair your patio sling chairs, but to give them a brand new fresh look. All replacement slings are custom made in our sewing shop in Dallas, TX. With a few measurements from your chair frame, we can custom sew a new sling or fabric insert. Follow our basic installation instructions to install. Replacement slings are a great DIY project.


What is a patio chair sling?

Sling furniture is a style of outdoor patio furniture that uses a tightly stretch meshy outdoor fabric that is installed into the frame of the patio chair of chaise. The fabric sling itself is hemmed on all sides with a rod pocket on the left and the right. This fabric pocket holds a piece of plastic rod or spline. The edge of the sling with the spline is threaded down the length of the metal rails on each side of the chair. The mesh fabric is ultimately stretched tightly across the chair frame and will support the weight of the body. The industry calls this a sling, but some customers describe it as a chair insert or outdoor fabric insert. While sling replacement is not really considered an upholstery process, it’s very similar. Replacement slings are all about recovering or replacing the outdoor fabric on outdoor patio furniture.


Do you have new replacement patio slings in stock?

Each patio furniture replacement sling is cut and sewn to your unique patio chair measurements and the outdoor mesh fabric choice. Patio slings are not in stock and ready to ship. No two patio sling chairs use the exact same measurements. It would be impossible to stock replacement slings for all the various patio furniture brands made and supplied to stores across the country. No need to know the original manufacturer or model number of your outdoor furniture. If you can measure the patio sling chair frame according to our instructions, we can cut and sew a new replacement sling to fit.


Holy Cow! New slings cost more than I paid for my chair or chaise lounge!

To replace and repair or not to replace and repair your patio furniture? This is always the question. Our service focuses on repairing better quality brands of outdoor patio furniture typically purchased at a patio furniture store. Brands such as Winston, Woodard, Tropitone, Brown Jordan, Agio, Mallin, Telescope to name a few. If you purchased your patio sling furniture at a big box discount store, then its most likely not economical to replace the slings. However, if your metal frame is in perfectly good condition and you just can’t part with your fabric patio chairs, then please take the time to refurbish and refresh your patio furniture and keep those frames out of the local landfill!




How kind of mesh material do you use to make new replacement slings?

Patio chair replacement slings are made of a unique outdoor mesh material that can be tightly stretched across the frame and still hold the weight of the body. Most outdoor patio slings are made of PVC material that is meant for outdoor use and has a good UV stability. Patio sling mesh fabric is easily cleaned and maintained and can withstand the rigors of the outdoor elements. We offer patio sling fabric from 4 major manufacturers. Phifertex is the largest supplier of outdoor patio sling mesh in the USA. Many of the outdoor furniture manufacturers use Phifertex on the furniture they manufacture. Another great US manufacturer of outdoor mesh material is Twitchell. They are known for their line of outdoor mesh called Textilene. Available in a great selection of beautiful patterns and colors, Twitchell Textilene is a quality outdoor mesh fabric for any kind of outdoor patio sling furniture. Sunbrella, most well known for their outdoor cushion fabrics, also makes a line of outdoor mesh for patio sling style furniture. The Sunbrella replacement sling selection is the definition of style and quality for better quality outdoor patio furniture. The other major manufacturer of patio sling mesh is Batyline. This collection is made in France and is used by many European outdoor patio furniture manufacturers. Batyline features bright and interesting colors not found in traditional patio sling fabrics. If you are looking for a unique look with a European flair, then sling fabric from Batyline is a great choice.


Can I get samples of the mesh fabric before I order?

Why yes you can! Order free patio sling fabric samples before you order. All samples are sent by USMAIL and are free of charge. When you’re done selecting, pass them along to your friends and neighbors to let them know how to make their patio sling furniture look like new. Click on the link below to order FREE patio sling fabric samples. Find the best outdoor mesh fabric for your new patio slings. Our FREE fabric sling samples are sent via US Postal service within 2-3 days of your request. Please plan for any party or event as lead times increase during peak season. We can not commit to an exact completion or ship date for new replacement slings.


Can you match my existing patio furniture sling fabric?

Most patio sling furniture manufacturers have their own proprietary line of sling fabrics that are custom made and exclusive to their line of outdoor sling style furniture. This allows them to have an exclusive color and pattern of sling fabric that makes their line of furniture look different from the competition. Manufactures that make furniture for big box or discount stores, make the furniture in one color and ship the furniture in large container loads to the stores in the USA. In either case, the original fabric used on the sling chairs is not available to Chair Care Patio. We order fabric direct from the mills that make their fabric in the USA. We can order replacement sling fabrics from the fabric manufacturers stock collection. Therefore, we usually can not match your existing fabric. If you are looking for an exact match to your current patio sling furniture, then you’ll need to order direct from the company that made your furniture.


What kind of outdoor mesh fabric is used? What is it made of?

Much of outdoor replacement sling fabric is made of 100% PVC mesh. Some patio sling fabrics have a blend of PVC and Olefin as well. The olefin fibers give the fabric a softer hand to feel like a more traditional fabric. The fibers of the fabric are woven into various patterns and textures and colors to create a strong durable outdoor mesh that can be tightly stretched onto a patio chair or chaise lounge frame. Chair Care Patio offers replacement sling fabrics from Phifertex, Twitchell, Sunbrella and Batyline.


Is one patio sling mesh fabric a better quality than the other?

All patio sling replacement fabrics we offer are the best quality and made in the USA or in France. Our replacement sling outdoor mesh fabrics are made by Phifertex, Twitchell, Sunbrella and Batyline. Each patio sling fabric manufacturer has a similar method and use similar raw materials to manufacturer their outdoor mesh fabric goods. Most patio sling fabrics are made of 100% PVC or a blend of PVC fibers and olefin. Weaving techniques at the mill offer a variety of patterns and textures for replacement sling fabrics. One fabric will not be significantly more durable than another. The lifespan of a patio sling fabric depends on the amount of sun exposure and if the fabric is kept clean during the season.



Can I use any Sunbrella Fabric for slings?

You can’t just use any Sunbrella Fabric for replacement slings. You need to use a specific fabric designed for patio sling installation. Sunbrella offers a beautiful collection of sling fabrics. You can find them in our sling fabric selection. Each patio sling fabric is labeled with the name of the manufacturer. While Sunbrella is most well known for their beautiful outdoor patio cushion fabrics, they are not the largest supplier of sling fabrics in the USA.




Are patio slings hemmed on all sides?

All patio slings made by Chair Care Patio are custom cut and sewn on all 4 sides. The top and bottom are hemmed, and the left and right sides of the fabric are sewn with a hem and pocket to accept the plastic sling rod or spline that is inserted into this pocket. If you are making your own replacement slings, you must hem the outdoor sling fabric. You can not install a new sling without sewing the edges.


What is included with my new patio chair slings?

Once you have made a fabric selection for your new patio furniture replacement slings, your order will be cut to size and sewn on all sides. Replacement sling spline or sling rod is included with each order. Medium sized spline or plastic rod is included with each sling. Ninety percent of the patio chair slings made across the USA will use our medium sized spline. We don’t recommend reusing the old spline as over time, the plastic becomes very brittle and this makes it very difficult to re install into the new sling. Sling spline will come loose in the box. A patio sling chair will receive 2 precut pieces of sling rod or spline. A chaise lounge will receive 4 pieces. The sling rod or spline is longer that required and can be trimmed after the installation process.


What kind of thread do you use?

Replacement slings are sewn using a polyester thread with extreme UV stability. We use an industrial thread made by Coats that is meant to withstand the exposure to sun and chemicals. We use special double needle sewing machines that sew a double seam approximately ¼” apart to secure the fabric.




Can I send you my old sling to use as a pattern?

While it seems that is would be easy to just send us your old patio sling to measure, it doesn’t quite work that way. Measuring an old patio chair sling does not give us an accurate measurement. The old outdoor mesh fabric has stretched and lost its elasticity. If we make your new patio chair sling the exact same size, it’s likely that it will not fit correctly. Most likely be too loose. Please follow our instructions on how to measure for new patio furniture replacement slings. You need to measure on the frame of the chair with the old sling tightly installed. So please don’t send us your old sling to measure.


Do you have all the sizes for my furniture? Can I just tell you my model number?

No need to know the manufacturer or original model number of your patio sling furniture. All new replacement slings are made by measuring the sling chair frame for width and length. Measuring for new replacement slings is easy. Check out our print instructions as well as our easy to follow videos to learn how to measure any kind of outdoor patio sling furniture. Our unique way of measuring insures that your new replacement sling fabric will fit perfectly in your patio chair frame. Enter your measurements through the Chair Care Patio website, select your new outdoor mesh fabric and we’ll send a new sling custom made just for you.


How do I measure my patio sling chair or patio sling chaise lounge?

Chair Care Patio uses measurements from the patio chair frame when the sling is installed and tight on the frame. Please don’t measure your old sling. It will not fit. Our measurements ask you for the width and the top and the width at the bottom, and finally the length.



Please click here to print our how to measure instruction


Please click here to watch our how to measure video.




How to I order a new sling for my patio furniture.

All replacement sling orders should be placed online at

Click on the link for slings and choose the style of furniture you have, to begin the ordering process. Our online ordering systems allows you to enter the measurements taken from the chair frame, choose a fabric and place your order. Do not send us your old sling to measure please. Follow our instructions and place the order through the website. The advantage of creating an account and placing the order online, is that you can track your order and find the status. You can also reorder new slings when needed as our online ordering systems keeps your measurements and fabric selection. We strongly encourage you to create an account and not to check out as a guest.



Can I order just the bottom portion for my chaise lounge?

Yes. You are welcome to order the bottom only for your chair or chaise lounge. However, we cannot guarantee that the fabric will match. Please order free patio sling samples before ordering.




What brands of outdoor patio sling furniture are the most popular?

We make replacement slings for better quality outdoor furniture for brands such as…Winston, Brown Jordan, Woodard, Troptione, Agio, Telescope, Summer Classics, Frontgate, Mallin, and more. Our replacement sling program is designed for better quality outdoor patio sling furniture purchased as a patio furniture store. If you purchased you patio furniture at a big box store such as Lowes, Home Depot, Sam’s Club, Costco, Sears, Kmart, Walmart or a similar store, then you need to decide if repairing your outdoor furniture is an economical alternative to buying new. Sometimes, the cost of a new replacement sling is more than what the cost of the original furniture when purchased new.




Do you have the plastic caps or inserts that go on the end of the metal sling rail?

Yes! We do! This patio furniture replacement part is called a sling rail end cap and you can find them on our website under the replacement parts section. Most of our end caps are generic in nature and will fit a variety of patio furniture styles. Each end cap part number includes a detailed dimensioned drawing that shows the length, width and extrusion shape. The easiest way to find the sling rail end cap is to remove one from your patio chair frame and compare it to the products available on our website. You can find our sling rail end caps at this link….. CLICK HERE


Do you have patio furniture glides or feet for the bottom of my patio chairs?

You bet! You can find a great selection of patio chair glides or feet for the bottom of your outdoor patio chair or chaise lounge. Browse our patio furniture replacement parts section to find the right type of glide or end cap for your patio sling furniture. We also



My swivel chair is not working. It’s tips over backwards. What can I do?

If your swivel base chair feels like it’s going to tip over backwards and no longer has any bounce, it’s likely that it’s time for you spring plates to be replaced. Over time, the spring plates, which give your chair the springy feel, will lose their temper and flexibility. Most patio chair spring plates are made of fiberglass, not metal. Patio chair spring plates can easily be replaced and is a simple DIY project to keep your swivel spring base patio chairs functioning properly. CLICK here to order new patio chair spring plates from Chair Care Patio. CLICK HERE to see how to install new spring plates for your outdoor patio swivel spring chairs.


See our complete patio furniture parts section for common outdoor furniture replacement parts for all kinds of outdoor patio furniture!


CLICK HERE for our patio furniture parts selection




How long with my new replacement sling last?

The average life of the fabric for patio furniture slings is around 3-5 years. It all depends on how much sun exposure your sling fabric gets throughout the year. Keeping your sling fabric clean is also very important to the life span of the outdoor mesh fabric. Removing dirt, pollen, and body oils from the fabric by periodically cleaning your furniture will extend the life of your new patio slings. We suggest using cleaning products like Simple Green, or a similar product that cleans and degreases. All sling fabrics can also be cleaned with a mild bleach solution.


CLICK HERE for cleaning instructions.


What it the warranty on replacement sling fabric? Chair Care Patio offers a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. We use only the best quality thread and fabrics. Warranty on fabric is by the specific manufacturer. Most patio sling fabric manufactures offer a 3 year limited warranty on the fabrics against fading and deterioration. ADD MORE MFG TEXT HERE


How should I clean my new replacement slings?

Patio Sling Mesh Outdoor fabric is so easy to keep clean and fresh. You can use a wide variety of basic cleaning supplies to keep your patio sling furniture looking clean and in top shape all season. The cleaner you can keep the outdoor mesh fabric, the longer it will last. Keep you fabric clean of pollen, dust, sun tan lotions, body oils, yard debris, birdie poo, doggie stuff etc….This in combination with the UV rays of the sun, will make your sling fabric fade and discolor. Hose down your patio furniture every couple of weeks with something like Simple Green, or an all-purpose cleaner. Use a soft brush to remove the dirt and debris from the weave of the sling fabric. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. To clean the metal frame of your patio furniture, we suggest using a cleaner wax combination that can be found at an auto parts store or in the automotive section of Walmart or Target. The finish on you patio chair frame is a powder coated paint finish. Over time, the finish will oxidize and look dull from the exposure to the UV rays of the sun. Just like your car, a patio chair frame should be cleaned and waxed to keep it looking bright and clean.




Can I turn my regular sling into a padded sling?

Most patio sling style furniture can be retrofitted into a padded sling vs a single layer sling. A padded sling is simply multiple layers of fabric with a layer of fiber padding in between to give it a soft padded feel. On the flip side, you can usually change your padded sling style patio furniture into a single layer sling. You can find more information on padded slings, how to measure and sling fabric selection by clicking here.


I have Homecrest furniture and it’s two layers of fabric. Can you make this kind of sling?

Homecrest replacement slings are made with two layers of fabric that are bound together with a binding edge of fabric. Replacement slings for Homecrest must be ordered by original part number, not by measuring the frame. If you have Homecrest furniture, do not order single layer replacement slings, they will not fit. Homecrest replacement slings usually have an opening or a pocket that allows the frame of the chair to be inserted into the fabric and secured. See our detailed section of the website for how to identify your Homecrest patio furniture for replacement slings, padded slings and replacement cushions. Chair Care Patio has most of the original part numbers and patterns for the most popular models of Homecrest outdoor patio furniture made over the last 30 years.


CLICK HERE to order Homecrest Replacement Slings and Cushions


Can you add a head rest pillow to my sling chair or chaise?

Add a bit of comfort to any patio sling chair or chaise lounge with a removable head rest pillow. Chair Care Patio has several style options available to add to any patio sling chair or chaise. You can have a head rest pillow made to match most patio sling fabrics or have one made in a classic Sunbrella fabric for a pop of color and style. Add a small lumbar pillow to match and make your chaise lounge comfortable and stylish while lounging by the pool or relaxing in the sun. Click here for all head rest pillow options.



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